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JIANGSU GOODWE POWER SUPPLY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GOODWE) NS, SS, DNS, DSS, DT, SDT, SMT, LVDT, MT, BP, SBP, ES, EM, ET series inverters come with a standard manufacture's warranty of 60 months (5 years) from the earlier one between the following two dates: 1) first installation date; 2) 6 months after the shipment dispatch date from GOODWE. The accessory products including Antenna, WIFI Kit, EzConverter, EzMeter and EzLogger, EzLogger Pro come with a standard manufacture's warranty of 24 months (2 years) under the same conditions.


For inverters (GOODWE NS, SS, DNS, DSS, DT, SDT, LVDT, MT, BP, SBP, SMT, ES, EM, ET series) the warranty can be extended as the options below within 48 months (4 years) from the date of manufacturer warranty effective date. A purchased extended warranty cannot be extended or reduced to another extended warranty with a different or the same duration at any time.


GOODWE provides optional Spare Parts Availability Warranty after the manufacturer's warranty for all inverter products. During the period, only the hardware costs of the spare inverter to replace the faulty inverter will be borne by GOODWE. The extra costs, including but not limited to shipments, direct and indirect labor costs of inverter owner, installer, or any third-party, on-site labor costs of GOODWE, taxes and duties, will not be covered by the Spare Parts Availability Warranty. There is a discount price for the Extended Warranty and Spare Parts Availability Warranty purchased within the first 24 months of the manufacturer warranty. The warranty extension price list with further information is available from GOODWE sales.


Only buyers purchasing GOODWE’s products and putting them into operation for the first time, buyers who acquire the whole site of installation from the first buyers, or their technical representatives can claim against GOODWE under this Warranty and Extended Warranty. The ones who acquire second-hand individual GOODWE’s products are not allowed to raise claims.

If the device malfunctions or becomes inoperative due to a defect in workmanship or material under normal operation as specified in product instruction within warranty period, the claimant should report defective devices with a brief error description report as the standard claim form required by GOODWE, or enough information to help GOODWE’s service team to complete the claim form to local GOODWE service centers via phone/fax/email, which can be found on GOODWE's website, The claim form can be also downloaded there, to process the warranty claim.

The following information or documentation regarding defective device must be provided to help GOODWE to start a qualified claim case under warranty terms :

point.png Contact information of claimant, including name, name of company, phone number, email, contact address and shipment address

point.png All defective product(s) information, including product(s) model(s), serial number(s), installation date and the date of failure

point.png Installation information, including brand, model, and number of PV panels; if the defective product is an energy storage system, the brand and model of batteries are also necessary

point.png Error message on LCD screen (if available) and additional information regarding the fault/error

point.png escription of actions before the failure

point.png Detailed information of previous claims (if applicable)

GOODWE may arrange an on-site inspection to find out the root of the fault. The claimant has the responsibility to grant the access, time, and safety of the inspection by technician(s) from GOODWE or an authorized third-party. GOODWE reserves the right not to enter the site if the GOODWE technician consider it unsafe to do so. A failed inspection due to the claimant’s fault in access, time, or safety will be charged to the claimant.

While a device fails under GOODWE standard warranty or extended warranties period, it will be

point.png Returned to GOODWE and repaired;

point.png Repaired on-site by GOODWE or the authorized third-party;

point.png Replaced with a refurbished device that includes the latest firmware (if original model is not available, GOODWE reserves the right to provide an equivalent value replacement).

If the device is replaced within the warranty period, the remaining warranty period will be automatically transferred to the replacement unit. If the remain warranty period is less than one-year after the replacement, it will be extended to a full one-year warranty.

Purchase invoices should be properly kept for further warranty claim. For return transportation of devices or components, it must be packed in their original or equivalent packaging. GOODWE reserves the right to arrange the warranty service by using third parties for performing warranty works. Before GOODWE’s forwarder collects the replaced device, the claimant has the responsibility to keep it for up to one month. In some situations, a longer duration may be required. A lost replaced device during the period will be charged to the claimant.

GOODWE standard warranty and extended warranty should not be understood as a guarantee of durability or same-model device availability. They cover only the cost to GOODWE for labor work and material to regain device function. All other costs including but not limited to transportation of defective device and replacement, travelling and accommodation cost of GOODWE personnel, costs of claimants own or their representatives’ staff or any thirty-party without authorization from GOODWE is not covered in the standard warranty or extended warranties. Furthermore, claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising from the defective device are not

covered by standard warranty or extended warranties. Neither damages of items not purchased from GOODWE nor consumables and parts subject to regular wear and tear are covered by GOODWE.

Unless the following countries, excluding their associated islands and overseas territories, will have the transportation costs (including shipments, taxes, customs and duties) of defective devices and replacements, travelling and accumulation cost of the GOODWE personnel or a third-party organized by GOODWE, covered by the GOODWE Manufacturer Warranty and Extended Warranty. Excludes the Spare Parts Availability Warranty.


The following circumstances may cause devices be defective, it will not be covered by GOODWE’s standard warranty or extended warranties:

point.png Expiration of warranty period (excluding additional agreements of warranty extension)

point.png Faults or damages due to installations, operations, maintenances against GOODWE instructions

point.png Disassembly, repair or modification any person

point.png Faults or damages due to unpredictable factors, man-made factors force majeure such as stormy weather, flood, lightning, overvoltage, pests and fire etc.

point.png Product modified, change in design, or parts replaced not approved by GOODWE

point.png Vandalism, engraving, labels, irreversible marking, contamination or theft.

point.png Normal wear and tear

point.png Failure to comply with the safety regulations (VDE, IEC, etc.)

point.png Faults or damages caused by other reasons not related to product quality problems

point.png Defects caused by transportation

point.png Rust on devices caused by hash environment

point.png Faults or damages caused by exposure to sea coasts/saltwater or other aggressive atmospheric or environmental conditions

point.png Accidents and external influences

If there are any overdue payments from purchasing products or previous service charges under the claimant, all claims from claimant and its representative will be looked as uncovered by the manufacturer warranty and extended warranties until the payment is done. In that case, the claimant may be required to deposit in advance for claims in the future.


For devices which are out of warranty, GOODWE may charge an on-site service fee, parts, labor cost and logistic fee to end-user which can be any/all of:

point.png On-site attendance fee: Cost of travel and time for the technician in attending on-site.

point.png Parts: Cost of replacement parts (including any shipping/admin fees that may apply).

point.png Labor: Labor time fee charged for the technician, repairing, maintaining, installing (hardware or software) and debugging the faulty product.

point.png Logistic fee: Cost of delivery and other derived expenses when defective products are sent from user to GOODWE or/and repaired products are sent from GOODWE to user.


These Warranty Terms and Conditions only apply for devices originally purchased from GOODWE for selling and installation in the defined destination set forth in Purchase Orders within the international market (out of China), unless there are specially stipulated warranty terms and conditions between GOODWE and direct purchaser.


In addition to the warranty given by GOODWE, ordering parties have statutory warranty claims that are not adversely affected by this manufacturer's warranty and extended warranties. The warranties shall not cover any claims going beyond the rights specified in the Standard Warranty Terms or Extended Warranties unless the mandatory statutory provisions provide for a liability on the part of GOODWE.

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